How to Download Netflix film Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach's latest movie "Marriage Story," starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, has been hailed as an emotional masterpiece.

The film "Marriage Story" mainly tells "A stage director and his actor wife struggle through a gruelling, coast-to-coast divorce that pushes them to their personal and creative extremes." It also pulls us inside the cyclone of a disintegrating marriage, letting us see the shrapnel flying and the devastated landscape left behind.

Download Netflix Marriage Story

What about a story that begins with the end of a marriage? "Marriage Story," doesn't quite answer the question. It's funny and sad, sometimes within a single scene, and it weaves a plot out of the messy collapse of a shared reality, trying to make music out of disharmony. The melody is full of heartbreak, loss and regret, but the song is too beautiful to be entirely melancholy.

Marriage Story is a Netflix film, so you can play and watch it on Netflix directly. Sometimes you may want to play the movie on non-Netflix supportable device, how to do?

Downloading the film is a feasible method to play the film on other devices. And you may know that Netflix supports downloading for offline playing on App or on Windows 10, iOS or Android, You can only play the downloaded videos on Netflix. It seems useless.

Please don't worry. We can ask the third-party Netflix downloader - Kigo Netflix Video Downloader to help. Kigo Netflix Video Downloader does well on downloading various Netflix movies, TV shows, original series and documentaries with fast speed and excellent quality kept.

Netflix Video Downloader
  • Support downloading movies, TV shows and original series in MP4 or MKV.
  • All and some the audio tracks and subtitles will be kept.
  • Download up to 1080p HD videos.
  • Support H.265 and H.264.
  • Fast speed and easy to operate.

Steps to Download Netflix Film - Marriage Story

Step 1 After you download the latest version to your computer, install and run the Netflix Downloader.

Netflix Downloader User Interface

Input "Marriage" and search it, and it will lists all the related videos for you.

Search Marriage Story

Please note that if you don't use Kigo Netflix Video Downloader ever, you need to login with your Netflix account to continue downloading.

Step 2 Select the film and click the download button.

Downloading Marriage Story

When the downloading is completed, you can click on Library to find that all the downloaded movies are now MP4 format

Marriage Story MP4


After you download Marriage Story from Netflix and save to MP4 format, you can play on almost all video players as you like.

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