MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader Review / Is It Worth It

Written by Ashley Rowell
Last updated May 17, 2024 / Category: Topics & Reviews

If you are searching with “Netflix video downloader” on Google, there will be a variety of listings in the search results and MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is one of them. So what exactly does it have to offer, its prices, specs, and what makes it so special from its peers, this review will delve into that and introduce an alternative to improve the Netflix video download experience. Let’s read on to find out!

MovPilot netflix video downloader review

MovPilot Netflix Downloader Overview

As the name suggests, this downloader mainly helps users download videos from Netflix on their computers and store them locally in MP4 or MKV format. It is also available in the Mac version. It also offers multi-language audio and subtitle choices and keeps Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for superior playback.

Features of MovPilot Netflix Downloader

Flexible ways to add Netflix video

MovPilot enables its users to add Netflix videos through keyword searches and URL searches.

Save to MP4 / MKV in HD

MovPilot helps users easily download any Netflix original video to MP4 or MKV format in 1080P Full HD resolution.

Fast downloading speed

With GPU acceleration technology, MovPilot supports downloading videos at up to 5x speed, reducing waiting times compared to other video downloaders.

Support Dolby Atmos 5.1

With the advanced download settings, you can choose the Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound option to enjoy the original playback experience offline.

MovPilot Pricing

As you see it, MovPilot is shareware, that is, you need to pay for it to get the full version, or else you can only download the first 6-minute video for each file. To get the full downloads, you need to purchase the full version with the following options:

  • USD $45.95 per month (auto-renewing), now US$15.95 (Active price, not sure when it will change.)
  • USD $ 79.95 annually (auto-renewing), now is 30% off, US$59.95 (Active price, not sure when it will change.)
  • USD $ 178.79 for a lifetime license (one-time payment), now is 30% off, $128.95, (Active price, not sure when it will change.)

Real Download Experience and Feedback

After you download and install it from the website, you can use MovPilot to download Netflix videos. There is no need to worry about download limitations when using third-party tools for Netflix downloads. When you use MovPilot to download videos, the downloaded videos can be played locally or can be transferred to other devices. Next we talk about the experience based on the entire download process.

The title filter is a bit redundant

In the search interface, when you enter a video keyword or video title, the search results are already listed according to the relevance of your input. There is no need to use the title filter. For example, if you want to search for "night", all search results related to night have been listed at the top.

title filter

Parameter text is not very clear

In terms of download settings, each video requires a separate download settings button, which increases the time it takes to open the download settings for the video, in addition, it is not easy to distinguish between the picture quality and sound quality of the output video.

advanced settings

5X Speed, Doubtful!

Regarding the 5x download speed test, it's doubtful at this point. In use, download speeds often fall short of the advertised 5x speeds by tens of kilobytes.

Best Alternative to MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

In the above, we have described the experience of using MovPilot, if you want a smoother and more user-friendly experience, we recommend you to try Kigo Netflix Video Downloader. Kigo has been working on video and streaming download tools for 15+ years and has built a series of mature streaming video download tools, such as Kigo Netflix Video Downloader, Amazon Prime Video Downloader, Hulu Video Downloader, and so on. Unlike MovPilot, it has a more straightforward and user-friendly interface for selecting among the different parameter options.

Why You Choose Kigo Netflix Video Downloader

  • Easy to handle with user-friendly interface.
  • Download movies & TV shows & documentaries from Netflix.
  • Support downloading up to 1080p Netflix videos.
  • Keep audio tracks and subtitles.
  • No need to worry about the download limitations.
  • Support downloading video in MP4 & MKV format.
  • Support up to 24 languages.
  • Save subtitles as the internal, external or hardcode subtitles.
  • Support downloading Audio description.
  • Enable hardware acceleration.
  • Put to sleep after the downloading.

The next comparison table will enable you to choose the right Netflix Video Downloader for you more quickly.

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader Kigo Netflix Video Downloader
Pricing USD 59.95/year (Active price, Change from time to time. Original price $79.95). USD 49.95/year (Prices are better on sale).
Searching URL, keywords URL, keywords (more accurate)
Video Quality 1080p 480p, 720p, 1080p
Audio Quality 5.1 surround audio 5.1 surround audio
Subtitle/Audio Languages All detected languages All detected languages
Subtitle Types Soft, external, and hardcode subtitles Internal, external, and hardcode subtitles
Download Speed Batch download With Three Modes
Batch download
(5X and One button to download all seasons)


As we all know, Netflix is constantly being revamped and upgraded, and similarly Kigo is constantly improving its programs and user experience. If you want to get videos without download restrictions, you can try using Kigo Netflix Video Downloader to download videos and watch them offline.

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