Kigo Netflix Downloader V1.3.0 was Newly Released

Updated Oct. 09, 2020
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To provide a better user experience and improve product stability, Kigo Netflix Downloader for Windows V1.3.0 has been released on Oct 22, 2020. The latest version brings a series of changes relative to the old version.

  • 1. Support for suppressing hard subtitles to output files.
  • 2. Fix the Error -4 problem of conversion failure.
  • 3. Optimize the low bit rate of some output files.
  • 4. Optimize the problem that some output files are silent in some players, or multiple audio tracks are played at the same time (such as QuickTime).
  • 5. Adjust the trial limit to 5mins.

How to upgrade to Kigo Netflix Downloader V1.3.0

If you have installed Kigo Netflix Downloader on your computer, when you open the program, it will pop up to notice you to upgrade to version 1.3.0.

If this is your first time to try Kigo Netflix Downloader, just go to the official download center to download the latest version 1.3.0 and install.

What Kigo Netflix Downloader can do for you

As we all know that users can also download Netflix videos offline with Netflix app on Windows 10, why we still need the other Netflix Downloader? The next tells you the reasons.

  • 1. No Netflix Download limit like downloading times or downloading amounts.
  • 2. Download all the movies, TVs or documentaries from Netflix to MP4 format.
  • 3. All the Audio tracks can be saved including 5.1 surround audio.
  • 4. All the subtitles can be also saved and save them as internal subtitles, external subtitles, hardcode subtitles.
  • 5. Enable hardware acceleration (when available) to improve download speed.

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