Begin / End Time & Video & Audio settings

Begin / End Time Setting

Click the time setting box then choose Custom option, input the Begin and End time to convert the clips which you want.

Set videos clips

Tips: If the original video has chapters, you can choose the single chapter which you want to convert.

Video Setting

The default Video Setting is All Video, but you can also choose the other two options Disable Video, avc1.

Set videos

Disable Video: The output file has no video, just audio.

avc1: The video size of the original file, and it is the same as All Video.

Audio Setting

The default Audio Setting is All Audio, but you can also choose the other options Disable Audio, mp4a.

Set Audios

All Audio: For multi-language video files, the output file can keep all the audio tracks.

Disable Audio: The output file has no audio, just video.

mp4a: The audio track of the original file, for multi-language video files, it will show all the audio tracks individually.

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